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Introduction / about Düsseldorf

Where the rivers Rhine and Düssel join a small fishing and farming settlement could be found in the 7th and 8th centuries; it was from such settlement that the city of Düsseldorf grew. The first written mention of the town of Düsseldorf dates back to the year 1135.

Today Düsseldorf has 574,000 inhabitants and is one of the Rhineland's most dynamic cities with cosmopolitan charm, boasting a strong cultural foundation. The posh city is known for fashion, culture and arts and is headquarter of a host of multinational corporations. As the capital of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia Düsseldorf (together with Cologne and the Ruhr Area) is the economic center of the densely populated Rhine-Ruhr area.

The modern city retains a charming hospitality behind its businesslike façade. This is perfectly reflected in its lively cultural and culinary offerings. One of the biggest cultural events is the Carnival (also referred to as the "fifth season") which starts every year on 11th of November at 11:11a.m. and reaches its climax on Carnival Monday, featuring a huge parade through the streets of the city centre.



What to see

Düsseldorf offers the visitor a wealth of memorable sights and experiences. World-famous museums like “Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen”, more than 20 theatres, the opera, many concert halls, about a hundred galleries and regular art exhibitions of international standing make Düsseldorf a major centre of art and culture.

As in no other city, the life in Düsseldorf is marked by the Rhine, the longest and most important river in Germany. The embankment promenade is worldwide considered as the most beautiful walk along the Rhine. From the riverfront you see the lights on Düsseldorf’s television tower (240,50m) which is situated on the bank of the Rhine displaying the world's largest digital clock.

You should also take time to visit the historic centre, a large open-air pedestrian mall with narrow alleys, filled with stores, restaurants and pubs. While here, sample the local speciality “Alt beer” and hop on a Rhine boat tour. Have a look at the stylish media harbor with futuristic buildings designed by world-famous architect Frank O. Gehry.

If you like a noble ambiance take a stroll through the lovely park and buildings of Benrath Castle, one of the greatest baroque castles in Germany.

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