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Introduction / about Cologne

Cologne (German: Köln) as the oldest major city in Germany was founded by the Romans and has been elevated to the status of a city in the year 50 A.D.. Thanks to its eventful past Cologne offers innumerable historical and cultural treasures.

Today Cologne is the gem of Germany's Rhineland region. The modern city stands for a centre of national business and commerce, particularly in media and communications.

The cosmopolitan metropolis on the banks of the river Rhine boasts about one million inhabitants and - despite its size - has never lost its neighbourly character. The captivating mixture of tradition and progress make Cologne a must-visit city when in Germany.

What to see

The Cologne Cathedral (German: Kölner Dom) dating from the ninth century is the third-tallest church in the world (157 metres) and a marvel to behold. Numerous cultural monuments from the past 2000 years are to be found at the foot of the cathedral. Visit world-famous museums like the Roman-Germanic Museum (Roman history) or experience the history of chocolate in the private Imhoff-Stollwerck Museum of Chocolate – Cologne’s varied cultural scene has to offer lots of attractions.

To feel the unique atmosphere of Cologne’s old town you should explore the historic centre on a guided tour.

You can also take a boat cruise on the river Rhine along the impressive panorama of the inner city! Or extend your trip and discover the course of the river to the city of Bonn and the beautiful Rhine valley!

If you like to party come to Cologne in early spring when Carnival, the festival of the year, takes place and the entire city is one big party zone.

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