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Introduction / About Bremen
The Town Musicians of Bremen, a world-famous fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, make the Hanseatic city in northwestern Germany internationally well-known. The port city has about 550,000 inhabitants and is situated along the river Weser, about 50km south from its outflow into the North Sea. Bremen and neighbouring Bremerhaven are banded together in a two-city state, which is Germany’s smallest Federal State from sixteen.
In the 8th century the troops of Charlemagne advanced to the Weser in order to christianize the tribes settling here. Bremen, which may have been an older settlement, became a bishopric; afterwards the town was founded. In the following centuries Bremen became a merchants' town and its ships dominated the southern portions of the North Sea.
Nowadays the meantime 1,200 year old trading city boasts an attracting composition of Hanseatic heritage, cosmopolitan culture, science and high technology as well as magnificent architecture. Above all Bremen provides its visitors with easy access as it has an international airport situated in the south of the city.

What to see
Many sights of Bremen can be found in the historic city centre (Old Town), an oval area surrounded by the river Weser and the former moats of the medieval city walls. The market square is dominated by the opulent Renaissance façade of the Town Hall, erected 1405-1410. In front of the Town Hall stands the statue of the city's protector Roland. Both constructions are UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2004.
Round the corner take a picture of the famous sculpture Die Stadtmusikanten (Town Musicians) of the Grimm Brothers' fairy tale. To the east of the market square see the impressive Cathedral St. Petri from the 13th century.
Take a stroll through picturesque district “Schnoor” with its crooked lanes and fishing houses from the 15th and 16th centuries, now occupied by cafés, artisan shops and art galleries. Also worth a visit is popular “Böttcherstraße”, a narrow street by local artists converted into an inspired mixture of Gothic and Art Nouveau.
Moreover Bremen offers a wide-ranging museum landscape including “Übersee Museum”, showing global treasures donated by the city’s merchant traders.
On a guided tour through Beck’s Brewery you can see behind the curtain of beer brewing and at Universum Science Centre learning goes hand in hand with having a good time. Or visit EADS SPACE Transportation, being the most significant centre of aerospace development in Germany, and stand shoulder to shoulder with space engineers to explore what it takes to get man into space.

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